Problems with compiling gnome-inform7 (6m62) for Fedora 27

I’m trying to build Mr. Chimento’s gnome-inform7 on a Fedora linux 27 platform, and I would appreciate any guidance from someone who has tried or succeeded at this. Hitherto I haven’t had too much trouble building this program, but on stepping up to Fedora 27 I’m running into a lot of failed dependencies. A number of these seem to be age-related, particularly a demand for webkit-1 when the current version is webkit4.

What’s the best approach for resolving these?


Since several people have read this but no one has responded, I feel I should close it out by noting that apparently this problem has been logged on the inform7 bug tracker, vide;

Unfortunately there’s no current resolution except yes, some(unpaid, unappreciated maintainer)one should do something.