Problems in the Dark

Why is it that when you are in the dark you cannot do anything. If the light switch is on the wall to your left, why can’t you go “Touch wall to the left”?
Thank you.

Well, because you can’t see it.

Try chapter 3.7 in the Recipe book - I think it’s the section on scope that you want.

It simply can’t be done!

Yep. You want example 26: Down Below. The key piece of code is:

[Finally, we need to deal with a special case. In general, the player cannot interact with other things in a dark room
because he can't see them, but if we adhered strictly to this it would be impossible for him to find the light switch to
turn it back on. So we need something from the chapter on Activities to change this:]

After deciding the scope of the player when the location is the Terrifying Basement:
	place the light switch in scope.