Problem with test commands

For some reason in my work in progress the two test commands I use the most SHOWME and PURLOIN both cause errors.


Glulxe fatal error: Stack overflow in callstub.


Glulxe fatal error: Stack overflow in function call.

Other than this, the game plays and compiles fine. Have I done something wrong? Combo of extensions?

Anyone else ever encountered this?

It looks like you’re getting a runtime error, but you’ll probably need to post your code here in order to diagnose it.

I’m going to guess that you screwed up a “place in scope” – maybe putting something in scope from itself?

Yes. I do have some scope whackiness. Thank you! That gives me a starting place to troubleshoot.

I’m having this problem again. Compiling is fine:

Using test commands PURLOIN, GONEAR, and SHOWME crash the game in the IDE with:

This was working fine up to now, but I’m curious if I have too many things and I need to increase some parameter.

No, if you had too many things you’d see a “limit exceeded” error at compile time.