Problem with TADS3 compiler and Heidi

Last night I downloaded TADS3 and Heidi. I tried to compile and run heidi but all I got was

It was 2 am, so instead of wracking my brains I went to sleep. This morning, much refreshed after 8 hours of sleep and three cups of coffee, and being smarter than I look (just), I manually created the folder “heidi\obj” and the compilation got a little further, this time failing with

Once more I launched into the breach and manually created the folder “heidi\debug”. After this, the compiler was successful.

So, my question is as follows:- why didn’t TADS3 create the necessary folders for me?

My operating system is XP sp2 and TADS3 tells me it is TADS Compiler 3.0.12 .

It just… doesn’t.

I’ve asked myself this question a few times, actually.

Back to GWBASIC for the TADS3 developers until they master the basics!

Why not post it to the TADS 3 mailing list as a feature request?

For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen this problem. Considering Mike Roberts hasn’t fixed the problem, I’m guessing he hasn’t seen it either.

Since you seemed about to give up, I took the liberty of posting about this at the T3 development group. … reads.html


If you click on that link to the TADS 3 group, you should see the response. Basically, it’s intentional that t3make doesn’t create directories. That way it’s easier for those who are porting compilers to other platforms.

The Workbench creates the directories for you, though, when it compiles. Since you’re using Windows, why not use Workbench?


It doesn’t. It creates them for you when you create a project, but if you just open a project that already exists (which doesn’t have the directories) it will just report the compiler error and give up.

Mike Roberts has just released a beta version of TADS 3 ( Workbench will now check for the existence of output folders before compiling and create them if necessary. (Since this is a Workbench feature, not a compiler feature, it’s Windows only, of course.)

You can download the beta here:

What’s GWBASIC???

Google is your friend.

I dont like plain BASIC very well, Microsoft VB is better