Problem with save/restore in Lectrote 1.3.2

This is Lectrote 1.3.2, Windows x64 version.

If I type “save”, “restore”, or “transcript” in a Glulx game, but then cancel, the game crashes with “fileref_create_by_prompt: unable to create fileref”.

Just wondering if this is easily reproduced, or something specific to my setup.

Not seeing that on Mac, at least.

The problem is happening when the interpreter is set to Git or Glulxe, but not when it’s Quixe.

Ah, okay. That helps.

Then probably a bug in emglken, which is the Glk layer used in those interpreters? But it could be a problem at some other level, or just a logical mismatch that’s crept in between the C implementation and the JS implemention.

Should I post something at Github?

Yeah, go ahead.

(I hope this isn’t something Dannii found two years ago and left on my plate…)

OK, I added an issue.

The problem does not seem to happen in standalone Git 1.3.5 and Glulxe 0.5.4, for what that’s worth.

Right, those use a different Glk layer.

Pretty sure this has already been fixed. I’ll check and then send a PR with the updated emglken code to Lectrote.