Problem with Inform7+Vorple using the italian extension

In Borogove, starting from a template Inform7+Vorple, I’ve simply added to the title of the standard template “(in italian)” to develop a story in italian.
During compilation I receive this error:
“In Chapter 6 - Prompt in the extension Vorple by Juhana Leinonen:
Problem. You wrote ‘First rule for printing a parser error when the latest parser error is the I beg your pardon error (this is the change Vorple prompt when input is empty rule)’ : but I don’t understand the ‘when/while’ clause, which should name activities or conditions.”.

The snippet is here: Borogove

Does this mean that Vorple can’t be used in story written in languages other than English?
Thanks in advance for the answer.


It has in fact already been reported:

Since the French extension is not compatible with 6M62, I had to adapt Vorple for 6L38 and in fact I had to change this rule amongs other: instead of First rule for ..., I had to write First for ....

But I doubt it’s related with the issue above. Mine was only an incompatibilty wih 6L38, not with French per se.


Thank you. I’ll follow the suggestion in that topic. Unluckily I have to use the offline version.