Problem with IFDB link vs IFArchive link

I just updated my game on IFArchive. That link works fine if I download directly.

If I try to download it from the link on IFDB, I get the old file. It’s the same location and same link, and the updated file was replaced with the same name.

I refreshed the browser page to make sure it wasn’t cached.

I also made a new link on IFDB copying the current IFArchive link, and I still get the old file.

What am I doing wrong?

If someone can try downloading Transparent from the top (7.3) link on IFDB, let me know what file you get. The 7.3 version appears upon opening the game at the beginning below the title picture. 7 was the old version.

IFDB uses “”, which randomly picks a mirror. All the mirrors in that list are updating nightly, as far as I know – but that still means up to a 24 hour delay before a new version is distributed.

Try again tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Thank you Sir! That makes a whole lot of sense.