Problem with Hyperlink Interface [Solved]

Hello! I’m trying to get Hyperlink Interface by Leonardo Boselli to work. I’ve included all the extensions it says it requires. I’m getting these three errors:

Any clue?

Looks like it isn’t updated for 6G60. For the last one, I think you now need “when the latest parser error is…” rather than “when the parser error is…”

I’m less sure about what’s going on with the first two. What happens if you change “Direction hyperlinking something is an activity.” in the extension’s source text to “Direction hyperlinking is an activity.”? It looks to me as though none of the calls or rules for direction hyperlinking actually use the argument, but rather pass the argument using the global “saved direction”, so maybe you don’t need to define it as an activity on objects. (It would probably be better to define it as an activity on objects and junk the global variable, but it’d be more work to do that.)

Thanks Matt! There were a bunch of other problems after that, but I managed to solve them all, and by all appearances I’ve successfully updated the extension for build 6G60. Interested parties can find it here. I’m going to play around with it, and if it works just fine then I’ll submit the update to the inform7 website.

EDIT: more specifically, I’ve defined the number variables that were previously only defined in ‘let x be y’ statements, got rid of the redundancies in statements like ‘increment x by one’, and changed ‘not a verb I recognise’ to ‘the not a verb I recognise error’.

Thank you! This update solved my problems with Hyperlink Interface. Much appreciated!

You know, I completely forgot I was going to officially submit the update. I’m glad my efforts were of some use to others!

Same problem here, your version worked for me too! Might be worth submitting officially. :slight_smile: