Problem running "Just another Fairytale"

For playing this game I would need the Adrift 5.0 runner. However, trying to download that program from the Adrift website causes Windows Defender to halt the download because a virus “Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B” has been detected. Is this a known issue? It seems there are zero public reviews of this game listed on the spreadsheet; has anyone else tried to download the runner lately from the Adrift website?

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Yup, I believe it’s a known issue - I downloaded and ran no problem.

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Ok Mike, thanks for the reply. I’ll try to bypass the problem in some way or another (by allowing the download to continue nevertheless).

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Unfortunately, antivirus programs have decided that new versions of ADRIFT always are viruses (false positives), so it takes a couple of years before most antivirus-programs realize that ADRIFT is not a virus. Thus I recommend that you download an earlier version of the Runner, which isn’t regarded as a virus. There will be a warning that the game is made with a newer version of ADRIFT but that isn’t a problem with this version.

The older version of the Runner can be found. e.g. on GameJolt here:
Adrift Runner v5.0.35.3

Or you can play the game online here: Just Another Fairy Tale


Thank you Denk! I will do as you suggested.