Problem putting game on website

My Inform 7 source code now includes “Release along with a website and an interpreter.” The release succeeded. When I open the play.html file in any browser, I can play the game.

In my website design program, when I “import page” and select the play.html, I can play the game in the import preview. But after importing the page, when I preview the page in a browser I see only the beginning of the game, and I can’t type anything. This is also what happens when I publish the page and try to use it on the Internet. Am I missing a step?

If you see the game introduction and banner, then the interpreter is loading correctly and starting to run the game. But something about the page layout is preventing the interpreter from getting player input.

I suspect that your design program is adding elements to the HTML which interfere with the interpreter. If possible, try uploading the play.html page and other files directly to your web site, rather than going through a design tool.

I just heard back from a support rep for the design program, and he confirms that “there’s no way to make it work.” I’ll try to find a way to upload directly, as you say.