Problem... inline definition included the bracing {part1}

The following works fine on


The lab is a room.

A date is a kind of value.
2023-12-31 specifies a date with parts years, months and days.

To decide which date is (n - number) days:
	decide on date with years part 0 months part 0 days part n.

A calendar is a kind of thing.

A calendar has a date.

The red calendar is a calendar in the lab.

The date of the calendar is 2023-10-20.

Instead of touching a calendar:
	say "[date of noun + 3 days]!";

But on my local gnome-inform I get the following error:

Problem. You wrote 'decide on date with years part 0 months part 0 days part n'  , but when I looked that phrase up I found that its inline definition included the bracing {part1}. Text written in braces like this, in an inline phrase definition, should be one of the following: a name of one of the tokens in the phrase, or a phrase option, or the text 'phrase options' itself.
 The ability to write inline phrases is really intended only for the Standard Rules and a few other low-level system extensions. A good rule of thumb is: if you can define a phrase without using I6 insertions, do.

 See the manual: 27.15 > 27.15. Defining phrases in Inform 6

Any idea what this is about?

Seems to be an issue with Version 10. I assume you have Borogove set to Version 9.3 (6M62). If you set your IDE to compile to 9.3, you’ll see that it works.

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This is a known bug in Version 10 (whereby phrases to construct a value from its parts in this way fail) that has been fixed for the forthcoming release.

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That is good to know, thanks!