Pro bono copyediting or proofreading [specifically IFComp]

I would like to offer my editing services for a few entries in this year’s IFComp—the number I could manage would depend on the time frame and word count, but I’m thinking 2 or 3. I would do this pro bono in exchange for my name being credited appropriately (copy editor, line editor, or proofreader, depending on the services I’m providing) and the author agreeing to let me use 8-10 pages (or their equivalent) of their edited text in my portfolio and website. This could be either my marked-up copy of the text or before-and-after versions, and would be selected with the author to showcase the editing work I did.

I’m making a career change into editing (copyediting and line editing primarily, but proofreading as well) with a goal of working primarily on games and fantasy/science fiction texts. I’ve completed a year-long certificate program and am now trying to build my portfolio. I have experience with IF games (I had an entry in last year’s IFComp) and know how to edit non-linear texts and branching narratives.

If you are interested in working with me (and having your game in my editing portfolio), or I you just want to know more about what I can do or what each of those different roles (line editor, copy editor, proofreader) entails, please reply here or feel free to message me directly.

I’m sad that I don’t have an IF ready for this year’s IFComp, but hope that I can participate in this way with one or more of you!


Do you already have takers?

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So… don’t want to take over the topic, and I can’t say I know the OP (we’ve never corresponded.) But for those who haven’t played Elvish for Goodbye, I’d like to note it was one of my top 2 IFComp entries from last year.

And seeing him in the credits for helping with the prose/worldbuilding would make me more motivated to play a complex-looking entry, since I might not be able to play them all this year. I think this could be really cringey business term win-win for someone!

other general stuff about contributing if you can't enter this year

I’d like to note that proofreading/copy editing/testing is a great way to participate even if you aren’t able to submit anything this year. Even just offering to look at a text dump of a game/entry you don’t mind having spoiled–and noting questions, big or small–can go a long way!

I know creating cover art is another, and I appreciate the person I’m working with who has made art for a candidate of mine–they’ve already helped free my mind to try and tackle that next big idea.


No one yet! Would you be interested? If so, tell me a bit about your entry :smile:


Oh wow, @aschultz, thank you for those kind words—and for your review last year! It really meant a lot to me and I’m so glad you enjoyed the time you spent with Elvish for Goodbye :blush: