Printing out parts of input

Dear all,
how can I print out part of what the player has typed in? Specific example: I defined a “look up xxx” verb and parse all kinds of topics:

wn = consult_from;
wd = NextWord();

“No information on that topic found.”;

But instead of the generic “No information … found” output I would like to have an output “No information on xxx found.”, with “xxx” being the string the player typed. I tried to simply print wd or (string) wd but in both cases I just got a “[** Programming error: tried to print (string) on something not a string **]” error during the game.


Did you mean to post in the I6 instead of I7 forum?

Oh, I’m sorry. Yes. Case closed, will move over.

No worries! Glad to be helpful.

For future reference, I think you should be able to click the pencil icon next to the title (“edit the title and category of this topic”) to switch it over to Inform 6, instead of making a new post…

Yup, that does in fact work.

I mean, I know I can, but Discourse has a few different permissions levels and unlocks things gradually, and some of the things you can’t do initially seemed a little odd to me. Grueslayer has been around long enough that it should work, but I’ve been wrong about that before.

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