Prezi inside a twine

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I am trying to figure out if I can have a Prezi presentation inside my twine story.
Tried with the image code, but it showed broken.

Thank you.

I have no idea what “Prezi” is. If you’re asking for help, then you shouldn’t make other people have to look things up before they can help you.

Also, as I told you last time, “if you have a problem getting it to work, show what you did and someone can help. Also, please don’t forget to mention what story format you’re using in Twine as well.” You neither showed what you did nor listed the story format that you’re using.

Without knowing what you did, what “Prezi” is, and what story format you’re using, it’s very difficult to help you solve your problem.

It seems to work for me in both Twine 1 and Twine 2 across all formats.

Tried with the image code, but it showed broken.

There should be no need to wrap anything in Twine’s image code or HTML image code. Just put the embed code that Prezi gives you in the passage…it should start with <iframe. Try it in a blank passage.

Is it possible that you have not made your Prezi public? That may be why the link is broken. Try putting a public Prezi like this one inside your Twine story and see what happens.

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