Preventing User Saving?

Hi Folks. Is there any way to easily prevent players from saving the game? Ive managed to get everything working nicely, got my game running online and just working behind the scenes and it dawned that I do not want users to be able to save the game for a few reasons. I think I could code this manually using something like:

After reading a command (this is the stop save rule):
if the player’s command matches the regular expression “SAVE” or the player’s command matches the regular expression “save”:
reject the player’s command.

This does work but doesn’t stop the user doing the likes of Save sAVE or similar. Also, there must be a cleaner/better way to do this? I have undo protection working nicely and its just saving I need to turn off now I think - essentially its 1 shot, strike one and your out type thing :smiley: (its part of the game rather than some nasty or sadistic streak against my players!)

Thanks for any help.

You sure can! Try this.

Check saving the game (this is the no game saves rule): say "Saving is not permitted!" instead.

Hope this helps.

thanks very much - that works perfectly! Ideal.

Late here, but there are some interesting options in the recipe book, including the I7 command

stop game abruptly

which ends the game without giving the usual restore/undo menu.

See Recipe book: