Presenting an introduction that's not a room

I’m trying to have an introduction at the beginning of the game and then after the player has read the piece, place them in a room. Is there a way to have them “press any key” when they are done reading and get them in that starting place room?

How about this? Note that it requires the basic screen effects extension to clear screen. Which you may not want to do!

include basic screen effects by emily short.

room1 is a room.

when play begins:
	say "My introduction[paragraph break][bracket]Press any key to begin.[close bracket]";
		wait for any key;
		clear the screen.

Excellent! Thank you and Emily Short once again!

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You may also wish to look at the “Careful Startup” example in my “extension” Nathanael’s Cookbook. It shows all the points where you can insert your own rule into the startup code.

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