Presenting a new tool to the TADS 3 community

I present a new, and hopefully useful, debug tool to the tads community:

the Scroll of Variables and Flags.

basically is a readable whose shown the content of variables or flags:

knoscroll: Readable 'knowledge scroll' 'Scroll of Knowledge' 
 "this is not a mere scroll: is the Scroll of Variables and flags, that is, an impish tool for monitoring the state of variables and flags"

// hope that with tabs, lines remain <78...
readDesc = "\t\t<b>State of monitored variables and flags:</b>\n
variable 1: <<var1>>\t
variable 2: <<var2>>\n
(and so on...)\n
\t\t\tFLAGS: (T = True, N = Nil)\n
flag 1: <<flag1? "T" : "N">>\t
flag 2: <<flag2? "T" : "N">>\t
flag 3: <<flag3? "T" : "N">>\n
(and so on...)

The usefulness in testing and, I hope, also testing, is obvious, or at least I think is obvious.

it’s Open source, so please feel free to use it, but I hope that improved versions will be open-sourced and shared…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.