Predict the Golden Banana!

The Golden Banana of Discord is awarded to the game with the ratings that have the highest standard deviation. This statistic approximately represents uncertainty or difference of opinion between voters.

The poll will run until the result is announced. Comment or PM if you think a game should be added or removed from the poll. What are your top 10 controversial games?

UPDATE Fallen 落葉 Leaves replaces Detectiveland.

Why there’s no zombies in that list? I want the banana

There can only be 10 poll options. Before one new option may be added, one option must go. But which?

Why is Detectiveland on this list? It seems like there’s pretty universal agreement that one is great! I think Fallen Leaves is probably a better choice in its place; opinion has been pretty divided on that one.

Will there be a physical Golden Banana of Discord to award?

Surprisingly yes! Hanon Ondricek has made one.

“That’s plainly inedible.”

jepflast has reminded me that when I created the poll based on his shortlist of 7 games with the most projected variance, his list included A time of Tungsten - the official Golden Banana winner. Although nobody requested it, I must take responsibility for jinxing the poll. We came terribly close. Wrong by 0.02 units of variance, and a whole game.

I laughed so hard I woke my mom up.