"pre-beta" testing for my IFComp '19 entry

OK, many old-timers from r.a.i.f. days surely have raised an eyebrow, because I’m known for rather long dev time (oafish dev time ? :smiley: dunno if there’s someone whose actually get the joke on a certain IF) coupled with a rather dim view on announcement.

also, the “pre-beta” status will have raised eyebrows, but is simply because I’m not precisely English mothertongue (I’m Italian) and I also need to test the correct usage of the english.

the actual state of the work (a TADS 2 one) is that the 90% of the map is implemented, and I expect to end the map layout NLT than the day after tomorrow, hence the pre-beta: I prefer to check the english of the room description prior of implementing the items (few) and do the core of debugging (there’s no doors, so I’m relatively optimist :wink: )
(and yes, I guess it’s the first time I share an actual WIP state…)

what is needed now, is testing the correct english of the room description (and, of course, the standard map-related check for messed direction and bidirectionality)

Because I’m on the “old” side of “the pond” aka the Atlantic Ocean, my concept of english is the british one, but I’m sure there are enough US people whose understand the differences between the two dialect separated by an ocean…

No haste in replying, there’s two full days…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.
Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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no one interested ??

I’m interested in testing, but I was hoping others would reply, as I wanted to wait to try your finished game.

If you send it to me I will check it out tomorrow!