Potentially troublesome communities [split from original topic]

There is a website called Choose Your Story. chooseyourstory.com

They claim to have started in 2001 or shortly there after. The stories on the site are quite dated looking so it’s entirely possible. Just have to fire up Netscape and go to Lycos and see what I can find… :wink:

Edit: Seems like this site is a joke or something. Not sure.

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Maybe I’m confusing it, but doesn’t that url have some baggage?


What do you mean by baggage?

Putting this in a sentence to prevent a onebox preview: https://chooseyourstory.com/forums/the-lounge/message/25139 (…)

This is a post on their forum by one of their mods. It manages to use the word f****t 33 times on a single page. Not really cool with this sort of vitriol.


I was writing a reply and was going to post a link and it said ‘this link was already posted in this thread.’ I was very surprised, then I saw your post. That thread is their own documentation of themselves, so it seems valid to use it to represent the site.


I never checked out their forums, I just opened a couple of stories and played through one.

There’s definitely something weird going on there though. I’ll remove the link.

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The CYS community and management have had some historical friction with this site.

The Choose Your Story admins (and perhaps some of the community) have had some historically unfortunate run-ins and general friction with this website and Choice of Games. I’ve no desire to stir things up again, but it became necessary to suspend some of their members from participating here.

They have organized campaigns to affect game rankings and positioning on IFDB - collectively working to downvote authors they had some problem with, or promoting their own members’ games on their site. At one point they worked to Zerg-rush ratings so that their site admin’s games with very mature NSFW content took up all slots in the IFDB top 10. While ratings are personal, they were incentivizing their members with perks or privileges on their site for up-voting CYS games and down-voting games by authors they had personal issues with.

I am unsure if anything has changed over time, but I recommend discretion and caution if you decide to interact over there.


I was wondering whatever happened to Sam Ursu, one of the few I considered creative. Now I know why he up and left, deleting everything. Although, the way it posted, the deletions may not necessarily his doing…

Thanks for posting.