Posting polls or thread for 2021 XYZZY awards?

In the past, people have set up non-official polls on IFDB for people to throw out names that ought to be considered for the XYZZY awards. It’s not a straw poll (voting more than once is discouraged), just a way to remind people about good games.

Last year, we didn’t do that, and so I made a last-minute thread for people to post nominations in.

For this year, the XYZZY awards blog suggested there might be a 0th-round nomination running all this year for people to suggest things, it’s possible that that’s already up somewhere and I just didn’t notice it.

What would people like to happen this year? Whether the official 0-round voting is happening or not, anyone can still run a poll or a thread for discussion purposes only, but if 0-round voting is happening I’d like to direct people to that instead/in addition unofficial discussion.


I’m not sure that anything has been decided yet since the XYZZY Twitter and blog have both been quiet since the end of last year’s voting. If the 0th round had started I would assume it would be mentioned on one of those platforms.

That said, even if a 0th round nomination does happen I’d love a thread here to talk games. At this point some of the nominatable games are a year old or more, and there’s a lot of deserving games that people may have forgotten about!


Is there a rationale behind holding the XYZZYs so late or is it just life getting in the way and the organizers having more urgent things they have to deal with?

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As far as I can tell, it’s just a lot of work to deal with and real life does get in the way (I think the organizer is moving this year, which would take some time). Basically, the XYZZY’s aren’t on any schedule other than the organizer having time and also the people that help behind the scenes compiling lists of games, etc.

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