Post-Comp Release of A Night Guest

I’m glad to announce the release of the post-comp version of my game A Night Guest, where “comp” stands for Interactive Fiction Competition 2001 (!!!).

Blurb for those who didn’t play the original game (if you DID play it and still remember what it is about, please scroll down a bit to see a more appropriate blurb):

A few testimonials:

Stephen Bond

Andrew Plotkin

Billy Harris

Wonder how a game like this managed to end up somewhere in the upper half of the IF-Comp? This is your chance to find out!


Blurb for those who played it:

The fundamental change in comparison with the original version are the footnotes. Now, the author can communicate to the players directly, instead of depending on the mediation of a drunken lord.

The game has been recently uploaded to


Congrats on doing this. Makes me feel less silly about my own 2011-based procrastination.

And welcome back to IF-land. People really do pay attention to these posts. I think everyone could use a little more motivation to make the tuneups they know they need to.

My browser does not like either of the links.
Which is sad, because now I’ll have to type two words into a search engine all by myself. :frowning:(((

Actually, my browser doesn’t seem to want to download the game, period. Weird. I’ll try again later.

Actually, it landed in

The file just has been renamed by the IF-Archive maintainers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

They should have renamed it to a_night_guest.gam instead. Now people will think the game is called “Next Generation.”

Well, if they renamed it to SSJ-NG.gam, that would be real trouble.