Post-Comp-Comp -- get your votes in!

Played the Comp games? Liked the Comp games? Liked them, but would like them even more if they got even better? Well, the Post-Comp-Comp exists for just that! The authors of five games – The Ascot, The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man, Byzantine Perspective, Rover’s Day Out and Snowquest – have all submitted post-comp releases of their games to the competition, with changes ranging from bugfixes to reworked puzzles to entirely new endings. Prizes are $50 for first place and $25 for second. And you can help decide who these people are.

The deadline is March 15, and I’d love as many people to vote as possible. So just send your votes to me – sarahcryst (at) gmail (dot) com, with your rankings from first to fifth place. There’s been a lot of wonderful effort put forth by these authors, and it deserves to be rewarded.