Post-apocalyptic Interactive Fiction

Hello Folks,

I’m looking for IF about post-apocalyptic like a novel called The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Anyone here has information about this, please share. Especially post-apocalyptic IF that runs in z-machine.


Good to see you again, Wendienew! Take a look here:

The post-apocalyptic tag on IFDB has a number of games (I don’t think that any of them are z-code, though.)

Of those, the thing approaching the everything-is-awful tone of The Road most closely is probably Solarium, though it’s a very different piece. Scavenger is closer to pulpy, Fallout-ish post-apoc; Gun Mute is a great piece but fairly genre-bending, combining cowboy, post-apoc and post-singularity with comic-book sensibilities.


Not typical text parser stuff, but recently read as being directly compared to the Road: A Dark Room.

I just tagged A Killer Headache as post-apocalyptic. Originally I had hoped to make it z-code, but I failed. :frowning:

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for the information. Maybe I should try to play IF in another engines :smiley:

I hope more post-apocalyptic IF will come out.