Possibly a bug in Lectrote

I noticed recently that the game “ferrous ring” by Justin Morgan (https://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=wslmqnf2axgpihge) (story in .ulx format) will not run under Lectrote.
The player is required to press space after the opening paragraph which Lectrote won’t accept. However, it runs fine under Winglulxe.

I’m not sure where the best place would be to report this, so i’ll try it here.

I just tried it in Gargoyle, too, where it works.

Lectrote is based off Quixe, and in Lectrote, the game stopped proceeding with the following error up in the status window when I pressed a key: ‘Quixe run: glk_window_move_cursor: not a grid window’

The readme also reports that at the game’s time (2007) it already demonstrated some variable behaviour by interpreter, presumably due to the tech features it says it was trying out.


That’s much more likely to be a bug in the game, rather than the interpreter, from the message output by Quixe that Wade posted. Windows Glk, the Glk implementation used in Windows Glulxe, generally just ignores invalid actions, like calling a Glk function for a window for which it doesn’t apply, but Quixe is a lot stricter, and tends to stop with an error when such things happen.

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