Pop up page/passage in twine sugarcube

Twine Version: 2.6

Hello guys,

I want to make a pop up screen in twine, I dont want to make the player go back on forth for a quick tips. So player click the pop up passage and a screen open in the same passaage with x (exit) button. Player read the tips and close the page and keep going from the same passage. I hope ı make myself understandable.

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You can create Dialog Boxes (popups) thanks to the Dialog API.
There’s also this neat Custom Macro that turns the API into an easier to use set of macros.

Hello ma’am,

This code works for me fine thank you so much. But there is one problem. The dialog spawn top of the screen, Can I make it centered ? I used this code for js;

And this text for html;

<<link ‘Hello!’>>
<>From the darkness

  <img src="images/forest.1/Mnstr5.jpg" width=850><</dialog>>


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This is because how popup are built in SugarCube in the first place. It’s not related to the macro.
You can change the positioning of an element in CSS. For example:

#ui-dialog {
   top: 0 !important;

As for:

You’ll need to re-paste/format the code here, because I can’t see anything.