Pop comps

what are some popular IF comps? (from greatest to least)?

Hey @silicon14! Looks like you’ve found the “Competitions” category on this board. There has been a lot of discussion about popular competitions historically here. While I’m sure you’ll get some replies to this message, you might want to also take some time to browse existing messages in the category.

Hopefully you should also have an icon on the upper right that looks like a magnifying glass. With that, you can do a simple or a complex search for items of interest. Advanced search also lets you search by tag, and many comps have a tag associated with their threads.

That said, the most established comps that run every year (which also have sub categories) are

  • IFComp
  • Spring Thing
  • IntroComp

Another very popular one is Ectocomp which is a horror/seasonal-themed contest which includes both speed-if and longer works and happens right in the middle of IFComp for Halloween. It has changed hands a couple of times, but there has been an Ectocomp pretty much every year I’ve been writing and entering games.

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