Polar Jam: 1 month and 8 days left to go

Hi everyone,

I started a polar exploration-themed IF game jam, but owing to being very busy I’d forgotten to promote it (oops)

The itch.io page is here:


Twine and parser equally welcome! Deadline is July the 16th. No prizes, just for fun. [emote]8-)[/emote]

Yours sincerely


What about the East and West poles? don’t forget those, a lot of people don’t think they even exist!

I’m one of them. Tell me moars.

This is the interactive fiction forum? just checking.

Oh man…

facepalms [emote]:oops:[/emote]

Here is a gentle reminder that in about a month’s time, Polar Jam will come to an end. There’s still oodles of time left to make a game for this, and I’m impatient to see what you guys will come up with, so what are you waiting for? [emote];)[/emote]

Yours sincerely