Podcast about "St. Bride's School", mysterious authors of 1980s text adventures

St. Brides School was a strange society that authored lots of 8-bit text adventure games in the UK, including “The Secret of St. Brides” (1985), “The Snow Queen” (1985), “Bugsy” (1986) and “Jack the Ripper” (1987). This new ongoing BBC podcast series, “Assume Nothing”, tries to solve the mysteries.

Aaron A Reed previously touched on this weird subject here: Silverwolf - by Aaron A. Reed - 50 Years of Text Games


It’s from October 2022, rather than new, but it is still worth a listen. Some background on their computing endeavours but the rest is very, very sad and quite disturbing. Trigger warning for abuse. The last episode is not easy listening and really tarnishes my memories of the games.


I played their Snowqueen and liked it enough to go on a hunt for more information. Precious little was found…

I’ll certainly give this an attentive listen. Thanks!

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I was very frustrated by this podcast. It degenerated in the sensationalist side of the story instead of reflecting on the important topic at hand, the artistry and the identity of Priscilla Langridge. A missing opportunity.

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