Hey Everyone! I’m studying Unity Game Development atm. Our second exercise was a simple Text Adventure handled with key presses to make choices. I used a story a friend and I wrote called “PLUTO AND THE BEASTS” . The premise is like this:

You are dying of thirst in the middle of the desert you have to drink something or you won’t make it.

You can play it at this URL:

TRY IT! (also please let me know if you find any spelling and grammar issues. English is not my native language. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Nice short story, especially the use of the spear, it was fun. I had never played IF on a Unity player.

Me da la impresión que entendés español, si es así, entonces deberías publicarlo en foro.caad.es

When I go to the link you posted, I see what is mostly a blank screen. Does any prior software have to be installed?

Maybe you don’t have Unity Web Player unity3d.com/webplayer

Victor, if you’re using Chrome, NPAPI support was disabled by default a couple of months ago. Basically nothing was actually using the NPAPI support except Java and Unity Web Player anymore; Flash was the other holdout, but Google reimplemented Flash in PPAPI a couple years ago “out of the kindness of their hearts”, which I assume means that Adobe paid them a gigantic mountain of cash. Java has been disabled more or less permanently for a long time for other reasons, and the Unity folks presumably didn’t fork up an even bigger mountain of cash for a similar service.

The practical upshot is, Unity games just fail with a security message on Chrome. There are secret settings you can frob to turn NPAPI back on but doing so is an explicitly unsupported configuration at this point. I simply switched back to using primarily Firefox (unfortunately, I like Chrome better for general browsing) until the WebGL player in Unity 5 is usable (right now it sucks pretty bad) and universal (Unity 5 is new and a lot of games are still on 4). Or until Mozilla goes the same way as Google and also disables NPAPI, which is unlikely but not unthinkable; NPAPI really is quite terrible.