Plotopolis is open for submissions (imports Twine/Twee)

Hi all -
This is just a heads-up that the platform (ie literary journal), Plotopolis, which I’ve been developing to publish Twine & Twee-format games to chat platforms is accepting submissions.

You may have seen my piece in IFComp - pieces will be similarly published. Right now we serve stories on Slack and Telegram, with Facebook Messenger currently in development. I hope you’ll have a look at the submission guidelines and consider submitting.



I just spotted this on Duotrope, and I’m going to shout about it to my genre fiction friends, so I hope you’ll start to see more submissions soon!

Thanks Stewart!
Also - today we opened up to fiction ‘proposals’ – recognizing that to engineer an entire piece just for our platform would be quite a lift, especially if it’s your first time as a writer to Twine/etc. You’ll see it on the submissions page Submissions - Plotopolis

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