Please take time to play and vote by Aug 15

Hi, folks.

Thus far, IntroComp hasn’t really gotten the level of voting I’d like to see. If you could, please take time to look over this year’s crop and add your opinions to the mix. There are seven intros, none of which are very large, perhaps half an hour for any one of them, and of course you need not play through them all in order to vote, so if you can only get to half of them or something, that’s better than none.


  • Jacqueline

Could you give us a link? (I’m sure I can find it without one, but it might increase response if you include a link.)

Thanks for the reminder. I think I still need to finalize my opinions and also send out transcripts. I think I’ve been especially lazy judging since I can only vote on 5 of them!

That’s a rule? Sorry, I haven’t followed the IntroComp before. I just read the comp page and voting rules, but it doesn’t say anything about a maximum number of games that voters are allowed to play. I’m probably misunderstanding your comment.

You can definitely vote on all, maybe it’s a software issue?

Yeah, sorry, I’m just a little disoriented because I’m not used to this comp. Thanks.

He can only vote on 5 of them because he beta tested 2 of them. Beta testers can’t vote on games they beta tested, but they can vote on other games.


Sorry for the confusion re: not being able to judge–here are my reviews.

Akkoteaque/Vanishing Conjuror: I commented to the authors their games. I don’t want to say anything publicly before 8/15.

Best Laid Plans

This was my favorite of the bunch I could grade and by a good margin. I can see where it may go and liked how the game was cut off. The humor wasn’t overdone. I had some trouble finding the right verb, but this is IntroComp, so that is forgiven. A very good Inform 7 debut for someone who came over to the dark side from Adrift. I really hope this gets finished. 9/10

Chicken Sexer

On the one hand, this seems like a one trick (your favorite farm animal.) On the other hand, my first time judging IFComp (2010) I’d’ve found a Hercule Poirot style game that takes place all in one room to be a bore. So I have confidence outside the game that the author has something planned. But I didn’t see enough action inside the game. The introduction seems too short. I can’t tell which way it’s going to go. 5/10


I had trouble with the opening puzzle despite later finding I basically knew what to do. I like how the game starts and how you need to get down, and I’m curious what the cucumbers are about, but I stumbled through a lot of implementation problems. If the author is here, hit me up for a transcript. 4/10

Werewolves Rising

I have a bit of difficulty seeing past the ChoiceScript engine which seems to actively work against the action the writer wants to inspire. It’s interesting to see how what you do affects the stats, but spooky beasts aren’t my thing & while there were some good fear-y parts, this work rated low on individual narrative voice. I also found a few bugs that made me start over–which showed some interesting things, but unfortunately, the game also funneled me in one direction too much. Still, I played through a few times. I’d be interested to see if the author can branch the game out. 4/10

What Happened in 1984

I’d be interested in reading the author’s white paper to see how this winds up as some throwaway fun, but playing the game would be another thing. It’s frustrating to have a game that calls on Historical Text Adventure Types and features them twiddling their thumbs. I got a small laugh from this but not much else & the writing style was a bit too chaotic.

Hope there are other even worse procrastinators than me out there willing to give reviews too. And not just so I’ll be the worst procrastinator in this topic. This is a good opportunity to be able to get a feel for smaller games–or, for new writers, even see that others make some mistakes, the game may be worth looking into. And it’s fun to imagine how a half-done game might go.

I entered my votes and comments. There’s no confirmation or anything when I click “Submit Votes,” and the text that I entered remains in the all fields. Did it work?

Yes. And when you come back to the page, your votes will have been saved. But quite a few people have been confused by this, so it should probably be fixed.