Please help

For starters, this has nothing to do with the discussion of IF. Infact, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with IF at all! YOU ARE ON THE WRONG BLOODY WEBSITE!

Secondly, welcome to the forums.

Thirdly, it could possibly be your power supply. I’m not really that good with the inside of computers, I mostly do software. However, if you google “Tech Support forums” or, even better, go to your local Best Buy and go to the Geek Squad desk, they will hook you up.

Fourthly, when you end an interogative, you place a question mark (?) not a period or full stop (.).

And lastly, typing in ALL CAPS and then a long string of exclamation points is not a good way to call attention to your problem. Spelling please as pleazz is not good either.

I hope you find the solutions to your problems, but this is not the correct place for the type of problem you have. If you have anything IF related to say, then you are welcome to say it.


You’re a good sport! But that was a spam post. The link to “cheap laptops” at the bottom gave it away. I went ahead and deleted the user and his posts.