Please help with Adventures format in Twine!

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Twine Version: 2.3.8
Story Format: Adventures

Alright, I am trying to make a question to ask the player’s gender. If the player presses ‘Male’, then the value should be stored for later, and the same for ‘Female’. I need the values stored so depending on the player’s gender, the game will act differently. And because different genders get different character classes. Can anyone help? The Adventures documentation is rather small.

Story Format refers to any of these formats: Chapbook, Harlowe, Snowman or SugarCube.

Harlowe is the default and it’s documentation is here
So, in Harlowe, put hooks in your text (works going left or right)


And then set the variable when clicked, (this will cause the clicked link to become inactive)

(click: ?genderm)[(set: $gender to "m")]
(click: ?genderf)[(set: $gender to "f")]

then just use the variable wherever you need to using if, else-if and else statements. Although you only have 2 options so don’t need to use else-if.

(if: $gender is "f")[she](else:)[he]

No, my story format is Adventures:
I will try those though, ans maybe they will work. Thanks for the reply!

James, those are just the default story formats. There are a lot more than those out there.

See Chapel’s list of other Twine story formats.

Looks like it’s a skin over Snowman 2, so this link should help with coding: