Please help with adding a (link:) into ChapelR's custom dialogue marcro

Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: harlowe 3.3.2

Currently, I am using the newest harlowe version, by far, and I also add ChapelR’s custom marco, in the link below, it works fine

But as I try to add a (link:) in to this custom dialog system, it seem nothing happened,

for example:

I typed this into a passage:

(link-repeat:'example')[(dia:)[(set:$thing to 'hi')


[[next passage]]


(note: because it seems ChapelR’s dialogue code contradict the default dialogue system, so I replace all ‘dialogue’ into ‘dia’ in the custom dialogue code and css, and it works fine for me )

I tried to understand which marco can be executed in this custom marco,

and it appears that (set:)marco works fine,

but neither (link:)marco , (replace:) nor [[passage]] works

in short, can I use the (link:) marco in ChapelR’s dialogue marco? or the default dialogue?

thanks very much!