Please Help Me Recall An Old Text Game

I know the 80s were chock full of countless text adventures but I’m curious if I could ever re-find this one. However, I remember very little.

-Around 1985
-Commodore 64
-Seemed to be more of a demo disk rather than a full-on game
-Had 3 stories in one, like an anthology. Unrelated stories.
-The first was Horror. Took place in a graveyard. Mausoleum in center. Zombies attacking. I never figured out how to beat it.
-The second seemed to be a jungle adventure. The parser replied to you as if it were a porter leading you through the jungle. It was say things like “What now, Bwama?” I think he was calling me “bwama” or some sort of title like that.
-Don’t recall 3rd story
-I believe it was white text on black background but I definitely remember some words were in color. Like the nouns you would need to know or some such. (After playing gray Infocom games for so long, I remember the different colored words were a refreshing sight.)

Anyway that’s it. It’s cool if this goes unanswered. I know it’s a long-shot. But I had to give it a chance in case someone out there recognizes it.



I did a search on CASA. It sounds like: 1. Night of the Walking Dead, 2. Perils of Darkest Africa, 3. Revenge of the Moon Goddess.

All were written by John R Olsen of Free Spirit Software and published as The Thriller Series by Codewriter in 1984. It sounds like they were all updates of his earlier BASIC games rewritten using AdventureWriter. This explains the Codewriter connection, as they were the publishers of AdventureWriter, which was itself a US adaptation of The Quill for Apple II, Atari 8-bit, C64 and PC.

EDIT: Incidentally, there are solutions for all three games at CASA (follow the links above), so you can now beat those zombies.


Omg! That’s definitely it! I remember the Moon Goddess title now.
Thanks so much! I didn’t know how to search for it.


I still have this!

The Thriller Series and the Junkyard trilogy that came with AdventureWriter (or I bought them at the same time, I don’t remember).

I beat the Thriller games, but didn’t beat any of the Junkyard games.

Edit: I always planned to get back to the Junkyard series, but never did. Hmm, maybe it is finally time.