PLEASE do not mass delete your messages or other content before reading this

If you have security, privacy, or safety concerns, please notify Forum Staff or email and we can help you. If forum content must be removed, we can accomplish this type of task much more thoroughly and efficiently than individual users can when necessary.

That said, we consider the forum discussion worthy of archival and preservation. We’d prefer to avoid tearing holes in the timeline without a good reason.

Sometimes it’s necessary to delete something you’ve just posted. It’s redundant, totally a mistake, you’re experiencing instant regret; that’s fine. Do that when you need to.

  • Please think twice before deleting something that’s been posted a while and has replies around it. Edit the post and perhaps explain what you’re changing and why, or how you solved the problem yourself. Even a seemingly “stupid” question or comment might be helpful to people searching in the future. Choose to annotate history rather than erase and potentially lose it. An issue or problem you’ve posted that has been solved and is no longer relevant to you does not warrant deletion.

  • Please DO NOT go on a mass deletion spree in an attempt to remove all traces and documentation of a historical thing that happened - or your entire identity. We get it though: Notify Forum Staff if you have a situation and we will help.

Please don’t try to erase your entire posting history. Seriously it’s drudgery and there are built-in forum limitations to prevent this, such as a max limit on how many posts you can delete per day. If you have reason to burn your account, we have special tools: we can anonymize an account without destroying message content. If absolutely necessary and required by international law, we can begrudgingly delete the content. Again we’d prefer not to but please consult with friendly neighborhood Forum Staff before you start removing entire swaths of messages from the timeline.

Thank you,
Forum Staff