Please check your profiles for correct information

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Please check your profile and the “full name” field.

The full name field is visible on your posts, so please check and edit this if it’s not how you want it.

Your email address is not visible to anyone but Staff.

I was able to edit a user name to two characters on request. I believe this should be automatically allowed. If not, let a moderator know and we can help you.

If you want access to any of the private author categories for any year you entered IFComp, please also let me know @HanonO (and remind me what you entered in case I don’t remember - I can look up who participated in the forums before to make sure.)

This post may be updated with other helpful info. Please let us know of any roadblocks you hit, or discoveries that would help others.

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(Hanon Ondricek) #3

Let us know also if you’re not happy with your username and we’re glad to update it. Discourse replaced any spaces with underscores in the migration. Also, full name appears on your posts unless you clear that field in your profile.

(bg) #4

With all the forum members who’ve come and gone over the years, there are bound to be people who have posted on the forum in the past but haven’t visited lately, and may never see this thread. Is there a way to fix the full name field automatically for everyone, or at least for people who haven’t logged in lately?

(Hanon Ondricek) #5

We had done a test on the migration server where Discourse was piecing together a “full name” inferred from people’s email address - which is private normally. That should have been shut off in the actual full-migration. I just wanted to make sure for some people that it didn’t pull any other phpBB field if it doesn’t look right on here. I’m spot-checking older users and haven’t seen any that seem to be showing full names.