Playtesting needed for IFComp game

Finally think I’ve learnt enough Inform to make a game that’s an actual game, instead of a bunch of unconnected and mostly-working tests, so I’ve signed up for this year’s IFComp as a way to encourage me to finish it.

Need a couple of beta testers to make sure everything works / there aren’t any bugs I’ve missed / to beta test it.

The game is called Squint (working title, this might change - turns out I suck at naming things), and is a slightly-musical key collecting adventure, with more puzzles and smells than conversations.

Would anyone be willing to run through it for me? I don’t think it’s that long - maybe an hour or two worth of gameplay. It’s not also actually quite done yet - but I wanted to get a head start on testers so I’m not scrabbling for them in the last week. Possibly I’m also procrastinating whilst I think of how to fix a puzzle.