Playtester with 30 mins to spare *filled*

I’m entering a new game into EctoComp this year, and need some help sometime between now and this Sunday, Oct 20.

Starting tonight, I will begin creating my entry from notes I’ve jotted down on a sheet of paper. I only want to spend 2 of my allowed hours actually creating the code, then would like to send it out to a beta-tester.

This beta tester would need to only spend 30 minutes actually playing the game and generating a transcript while doing so. Take however much time you need to send me an email with your results. I’m thinking you can probably finish playing this short game within 20 minutes or less. After you send me a response, I will spend my last 30 minutes of the allotted time bug-fixing.

If you are interested, please reply the thread or send me an email to jizaboz (at)

EDIT: Got a playtester :smiley: