Playing z5 file with Parchment Offline


I’d like to publish a ZIP file with an HTML page that launches an offline distribution of Parchment.

However, I’m unable to set up the HTML file to use the z5 file with this said distribution of Parchment.

Am I missing a crucial step here?
Do I need a different file obtained from the z5 file to use Parchment in an offline manner?
If so, how do I get that file from my current z5 file?

Are you using Inform 7 or something else?

Thanks for your prompt reply.

My z5 file was created using old Inform 6/10 compiler.

It used to work fine offline with HTML and al older version of Parchment offline distribution, but it no longer does.

I’ve tried to do stuff with Parchment, but it doesn’t like being offline. I know Parchment creates a file on the fly, to load into the web browser. I think you might be able to make it yourself though. I forget how. When I set it up, I had to have the page on my site, not offline. I did have it working offline once, a while ago, but not anymore. Yeah, they changed something.

Okay, in that case basically get the Parchment code (not Parchment for Inform 7), and then edit the HTML to add a parchment_options object, as specified at
The only required option is default_story but you might like to add some of the others as well.

To have it work offline from a file: URL in Chrome, you’ll need to generate a JS version of the storyfile. See this topic for a few ways to do that:

BTW, this is an example of a no longer working ZIP file distribution that uses an (admittedly) old version of Parchment to play a Mansion.z5 file through an HTML file (MansionP.html is the proper file)

Any thoughts on what’s wrong here?

It’s trying to load the storyfile directly, which isn’t possible from a file: URL in Chrome. So Parchment then tries to give the Parchment proxy a relative file path, which won’t work. MansionP.html might work in Firefox, but it’s probably designed for being uploaded to a webserver.

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Thanks again for your reply, we appear to have posted almost simultaneously just now.

I’ve just read your last post: I will try your suggestion and post back the results tomorrow.


The proposed solution worked perfectly and I have used it to update all of my Inform 6 ZIP distribution files (10 different works in spanish) wich are now online on my IF web.

Much obliged!

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