Playing together

Hi, Rob Grassi from italy.
I’m wondering if there’s any of you that would like to play “together” an if game, in the sense that we agree together the move, i execute it and the re-post here the text game.
No time pressure, of course, just the fun to play together and exchanging opinions, files/maps, hints, high five, and so on…
Please let me know.

Hi, we’re doing a google hangout every week to play IF together, if you’d like to join, hit me up.

Please don’t.

but we can do it your way, too. Why not.

Wouldn’t that be pretty much what a MUD ( is for?


@stadtgorilla: How exactly would one go about to find this Google Hangout of which you speak?

Can you find it on Google+? Under what name?

I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

You know about ClubFloyd on the IFMud? It happens in real time, of course, but that would seem to be an advantage.

Hi Victor, no I don’t know ClubFloyd.
Real time is no advantage, for me.
I’d prefer asynchronous playing/communication.

Yes, definetly check out Club Floyd, as I should too.

Our google Hangout is usually every Tuesday at 7pm CET. You can find me on google+ as Steve Robotnik. What discerns us from the MUD approach is live video chat should you be that way inclined. But as asynchronicity is your way to go, both could be ruled out;-)

rgrassi: I’m in (and have already posted on your thread). Yay! (Asynchronous works a lot better than real-time for me.)

There are a lot of these "Let’s Play"s run through forums online, particularly for gamebooks. Here’s one with some resonance that was run at Something Awful. By the way, these Let’s Plays are great resource if you’re researching gamebooks.

Doing these for IF in more visible places than might be reasonably effective outreach. They do seem to be an effective way of raising the profile of a game, and potentially of the medium.