Playing on mobile—mapping?

Just curious, those of you who play interactive fiction on your phones (okay, yes, some of us do :smile:, using iOS’s Frotz, for example), how do you deal with mapping? Do you carry pencil and paper to map the story world? Or do you use a phone app for diagram design?

I wouldn’t attempt a game that requires serious mapping, or note-taking of any kind, on my phone. I mentioned in another thread that Lime Ergot works well on mobile - a short, one-room game. Galatea might be an example of a more complex game that also works.


I am currently playing Curses! both on my phone and my desktop—quite complex, I know! But I keep replaying the same parts, trying to figure out what to do with various puzzles, so I have more or less memorised the map.

But the actual map I draft on the laptop, on yEd. This has helped with the memorisation.

But what you say makes sense, @FriendOfFred, about one-room games.