Playing "Gaia, Živa, Jarilo"

I started playing Gaia, Živa, Jarilo from Ryan Veeder’s Expo recently and I suspect it has many secrets to find. But it’s quite difficult to tell if I’ve already seen most of the game or if I’m only halfway deep into it. I don’t wish to spoil things too much with my first post, but I’ve found four critter cards so far. I suspect there are more. Can anyone confirm?

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I can confirm that there are more than four.


I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify that, although Entries in my very successful Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction have been authored with the sole purpose of pleasing me, all the Entries are quality works of interactive fiction even when someone other than myself is looking at them.

“Gaia, Živa, Jarilo” is an extremely excellent game for any audience (except perhaps for audiences who insist that games should have endings), and it will surprise no one that I awarded this game a perfect score and only afterward did I learn from this forum thread that there were a bunch of secret collectible items.

I strongly recommend that everybody check out this game and the other Entries in Event 2 of my Exposition, which were all games about zoos with no endings, and they were all pretty dang good.

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Well, I’ve found and obtained a fifth, but I’ve had no luck finding a sixth. And I’ve tried a lot of stuff. I agree with Ryan that this game is quite excellent, but I’ll have to put it aside for now. I’ll revisit it some other day, hopefully when I have new ideas to try with it.

Now I can confirm that you’ve found them all. There is one other really weird thing buried in there, but I doubt anyone will find that.