Playing Codex Sadistica

I was thoroughly enjoying this game, but it froze on me in the play-in-browser and then didn’t save my progress. :cry:
And it’s mostly black in Spatterlight, which is my usual interpreter- I can’t read most of the text. Any suggestions, since I really want to finish it?
I live in the middle of nowhere and internet can be spotty, so I’d prefer an interpreter that works with it. I’ve never had this issue with Spatterlight before.
I’m playing on a macbook.

Ugh, that’s annoying! FWIW I played through in Gargoyle, which is an older interpreter, but I didn’t have any problems and I think I got all the color changes and stuff that should be there. This was on a PC, though, so your mileage may vary.

EDIT: also I think sometimes the play online option will back up your session? Dunno if you’ve tried clicking the link again but it might pick you back up right before the crash - worth a shot anyway.

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The play.html that is included in the download shouldn’t require an internet connection to work (I think). Of course if your browser is prone to crashing that might not be a great solution. :confused:

It didn’t crash; it froze and wouldn’t accept any more commands. So I xed it thinking it would save my progress, but no. I guess I’ll just compulsively save.
It’s a great game-- I’ve laughed out loud many times. Gotta pwn those dudebros, so I’ll restart.

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There is a new release of Spatterlight out that fixes the color issue in this game, by the way:


Happy joy! Thanks!