Player as a different kind of person (need help)

I am working on what is supposed to be a small game (forced to do it on Borogove as I cannot get on my computer right now) in which the player is a dragon.

When I type in “A dragon is a kind of person. The player is a dragon,” on Line 3 (Line 1 being the title, Line 2 being blank), I get the following problem:

Problem. Before reading ‘The player is a dragon’ (line 3), I already knew that ‘player’ is a person, and it is too late to change now.

But a dragon IS a kind of person. I can’t help but wonder about this. What am I doing wrong, and how would I fix this?

I do not want it to just have it be described as though the player is a dragon, as I want dragons and non-dragons to have different properties (and actions) available to them, with the player having the properties/actions that dragons have.

And using “now” doesn’t help either, as “Now, the player is a dragon,” results in the exact same problem.

Note that this project is just a small, testing game, that will later be used as a reference for bigger projects.

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The player is an object variable that starts the game set to the value of a particular (automatically created) person object, yourself. So what you had was trying to change yourself, a person, into a dragon, and objects can’t change kind. This will work:

A dragon is a kind of person.
Draco is a dragon.
The player is Draco.

You need to create a dragon object to be able to set the player object variable to. is means a lot of things in Inform (as in English).


Thank you. This really helped… now for me to figure out a few things that the recipe book should help with.

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