The other day I stumbled upon this emulator site:

I found a couple of games there that the IFDB lists as commercial games, but I don’t see any links in IFDB to this online site where you can play them.

I certainly can add the links to IFDB but I wasn’t sure what the legal issues might be. A link doesn’t seem like a big deal but I really don’t know.

Anyone have recommendations or feedback on this?

It seems somewhat back-alley. There could be any number of such sites out there.

If we wanted to link to emulated versions of old (80s) games, I’d say use, which is a well-known non-profit repository that aims to be complete.


Sounds good. I think I did see at least one of these games at so I can link to that site. It doesn’t have the built-in emulator inside a browser sandbox but I assume anyone looking to play these older games should be able to install the appropriate emulator and launch the game that way. Thanks.

You say that…

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Oh very cool! I will keep a look out for those that have emulators, thanks!