Planet Pizza - my first public example game for

Hi all, I just finished a beta version of my game, Planet Pizza. It’s a fairly short game meant to show off the ifSpace parser a little bit. For reference, I managed to create this game in about 2 hours - no coding :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!


Had a few problems running it here;

The initial page is blank until i press “restart game”. Then a lot of things i type have no response at all. Not even an error.

for example, I get no response from x dumpster, but mysteriously, i can look in dumpster.

Also the text entry box could really benefit from up-arrow to bring back the last command for re-editing.


Thanks for the feedback! Most of these things are a result of making the game too fast I think. For example when making a game, each location can have an error message defined, but if none are defined then nothing shows up upon an invalid input. (I should make a default response for nodes that don’t have a custom response).

The dumpster issue is, again, a creation mistake. Since it is not an item to be picked up, it doesn’t come with the deafult ‘x’ command, so I just forgot to include that in the custom action list (Already fixed :slight_smile: )

Your up-arrow suggestion is a great idea! I will include that in my next update.

The ‘restart game’ alert thing is by design because when playing on mobile it is very tempting to click ‘restart game’ by accident instead of just returning your input. Although I should find a way to load the game initially upon visiting the page.

Thanks again, your feedback is very helpful.


Great. Looks very promising and still pretty good for something put together as fast.

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Or call it “BEGIN GAME”?