Placing something out of scope

Is there a way to place something out of scope unconditionally, but not move it from its current location or holder? Everything seems to hinge on if the item is visible, touchable, concealed, etc… but these are all tested by the parser all the time and require some “in game world explanation” as to why they are the case. What if I want to just be able to declare something “magically” invisible as a static property so that it is not looked at by the parser after reading a command at all, but is still in the location and should, without this special property, otherwise have been considered?

Look at Brady Garvin’s extension “Scopability”. It defines the new attribute scopable/unscopable to do just that.

This works perfectly! Thank you Brady for writing it and Draconis for the reference. This is going to go a very long way towards making my game with thousands of objects actually feasible.