Placing in scope...

In section 18.29, Deciding the scope of something, the examples shown include the location of the player in a ‘while’ clause, for example–

After deciding the scope of the player while in the Shrine: place the holy grail in scope.

However, when I tried basically the same thing–

After deciding the scope of the player while in Writer's Office: place the lantern in scope.

It threw a problem message, saying that it did not understand the ‘while’ clause. When I changed it to ‘while the location is Writer’s Office’, it worked just fine. But why didn’t the first attempt (based on the example in the manual) succeed??


This former syntax was finally removed in 2014 (release 6L02), having previously been deprecated. It looks as though it has been expurgated from the documentation except for this one case. I have reported it.

Thanks. I appreciate your consideration!

“After deciding the scope of the player when the location is the Writer’s Office” should get the job done.